I love Honey. No doubt Honey was created by someone like me tired of searching for a coupon for every purchase made on the web. Why can’t software do the searching and filling in for me? By golly, it can.

Honey’s browser extension watches your activity and suggests and fills in active coupons.

It’s genius. Install the Honey extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. From then on, Honey watches your browser activity (privacy alert!) in order to suggest coupons that apply to the commerce site you’re on.

Think about that for a second. Honey stockpiles and applies (pretty much) every available coupon to help you save. And it works for things you’re already intending to buy, without any effort. What’s better than that?

Seriously, stop what you’re doing and install Honey right now. I’ll wait.

But. Honey’s database doesn’t always include all the coupons for all sites all the time. In particular, Groupon constantly issues coupons for substantial savings. Keeping up with those coupons is a mighty task; Honey sometimes falls down on the job. But by subscribing to Groupon emails, you can find the most recent coupons to fill in the gaps. I know, another task. But hey: we obsessives relish more tasks if it means more savings.

Again, why are you still here? Install the Honey extension.