Pruvo is a new service for hotel price monitoring. I’ve tried others, but either have been disappointed, or they’ve gone out of business (well, OK, both). This could be a clue to the difficulty of the problem they’re trying to solve.

Pruvo works much like Autoslash for rental cars: you either manually provide your hotel and booked price for tracking, or alternatively, set up Pruvo to watch your email inbox and automatically grab reservations you’ve made for future tracking (privacy alert!).

Disclaimer: hotels are harder to work with than other more standardized products for price tracking. That’s because hotel rooms vary so widely in their configuration. For example, you may need a room for two people with a king bed and a pullout couch – in my limited experience, Pruvo struggles sometimes to know exactly what room specifics you’re looking for. But even slightly faulty price drop alerts can be useful: if the standard 1 BR/2 person room has dropped, chances are so have the “family suites.”

Give it a try and share your thoughts.