In the category of price monitoring, there’s no service I like better than Autoslash.

Autoslash is all about rental cars. You can book a rental car directly, or more importantly, tell it to track a rental you’ve already arranged. If Autoslash finds a better rate at major sites like Priceline (which is typically a price leader in rental cars, I’ve found), Autoslash will email you a booking link direct to a cheaper car.

This is a saver’s dream: someone else watches your spending,  and lets you know when a better deal arrives.

It’s also remarkably accurate in matching the new better deal details – car type, pickup/dropoff locations, etc – to your original booking. That’s a major headache reliever.

Ultimately, Autoslash would love to rent you a car themselves, like Expedia or Priceline. When “their” deal is the best they can find, they’ll tell you, and they’re helpful in explaining how it all works. Briefly, if you select an Autoslash deal, they’ll charge you up front, in full, but subject to cancellation rules (which are pretty lenient), that money will be refunded, also in full. So I don’t count this “side business” as a mark against Autoslash, though you may if upfront payment isn’t up your alley.

If there were services like it for all categories, the world would be a cheaper place. But mostly  – and in particular for airline price tracking – there isn’t a great selection. That’s why Autoslash is such a delight.

It’s safe to say that for virtually every rental car I book for more than a few weeks out, I save money with Autoslash. I can’t recommend it highly enough.