Trim is one of those services you sit back slack jawed in wonder when you discover it. I can’t shake the idea that there’s a vast staff of people behind the scenes, calling your service providers on your behalf. But in any case, it’s a fantastic example of saving while you sleep, so however they do it, check it out.

Trim has big plans for helping people get their spending under control. I’ve only used their “bill negotiation” service, but that alone is worth a lot. The idea is that you give Trim your login to familiar services like those listed here.

They get to work monitoring your charges and try to lower them, either through negotiating a better rate, or more commonly in my experience, getting small kickbacks for service outages. For that you pay 25% of the savings to Trim via a saved credit card, which feels steep, but for me, avoiding endless holds while you bang your head against customer service phone trees is well worth it. I’ve saved signficant money on cell and internet service, and in some cases I still don’t know why. But when money arrives out of the blue, I don’t ask too many questions.