Costco needs no introduction, but their travel arm might. If you haven’t given it a look (and even non-members can dive in for a glimpse), try it out.

It’s a great resource for finding travel deals unavailable elsewhere, and might be worth the annual price of a membership ($60 and up) by itself.

Vacation packages

This is a strong point of Costco Travel. Their huge scale makes even luxury travel brands like Ritz Carlton play ball.

Between the compelling prices and slick site design that lets you vary dates, destinations, and prices easily, you’ll likely find something you like, and might actually afford. The only downside: a limited set of destinations, though they’re certainly among the most popular for most travelers.

If you want to “stack” some travel savings (and who doesn’t), be sure to apply for the Costco credit card issued by Citi. It rebates 3% of annual travel charges booked through costco and elsewhere. It’s available for no annual fee for Costco members.

Rental Cars

I used to start every search for rental cars at, and often still do. They build in a solid member discount in every rental, in an elegant, easy to use interface that comparison across a manageable set of car companies simple.

But lately I’ve been looking to Priceline, which Autoslash (more below) has shown has better deals now and then. Either way, you’ll be in the ballpark of the best deal to begin.

Pick a starting site, then enter your confirmation info at Autoslash. Soon, expect something better to come along. It almost always does.

And more

Costco Travel handles hotels and cruises as well. I haven’t had personal experience with those areas – other than to be disappointed in the selection of hotels offered – so can’t comment. If you have and can comment, go for it below.