Any discussion of travel deals, rewards, and related strategies leads to The Points Guy.

TPG can helps everyone, from the beginner to the veteran traveler, understand the mechanics of airline rewards programs and how to maximize their value. But it goes far beyond that, with guidance on hotel and other travel-related purchases, and has a steady stream of deal alerts for specific routes you might be interested in.

TPG is especially valuable if you travel in business or first-class, where prices vary wildly over time. And TPG’s reviews of business and first class service (cabins, lounges, boarding, etc)  on major airlines are beyond helpful in deciding which carrier to choose, when and where to go, etc.

But beware: the travel rewards world is a deep and mysterious place where people much smarter than me attempt to beat a system that changes by the minute. It’s a commitment.

If you’re a frequent – or even occasional – traveller, drop what you’re doing and subscribe to TPG’s daily newsletter. It’s a good read even if you’re not suiting up for the airline wars.