Trim is a wide-ranging service with big ambitions to help consumers get control of their finances.

But Trim started with a simple mission: to track and save money on monthly recurring bills like cable, internet, mobile, and home security. They promise to negotiate better deals and to identify unused services that need cancellation.

You pay Trim 25% of whatever savings they find. That’s a little steep, but given the effort customers have to make (ie, none), I’m not complaining.

Recently, I had two experiences with Trim that reinforced how valuable their service can be.

Example 1: Cash back for downtime

A month or so ago, I noticed that Xfinity internet was down in my neighborhood, for maybe 4 hours. No big deal, but I wondered if Trim, who I had “assigned” to keep an eye on Xfinity, would find it.

They did. With no warning, I got the following notice via email:

Is this the right rebate? I have no idea. No clue how that amount was determined, how Trim wrangled it away from Xfinity, if actual humans were involved, nothing. But I wasn’t asking questions.

Shortly after, I got a note from Trim that my credit card was being charged all of $.83, or 25% of the take. Not Trim’s biggest haul, but imagine if Trim signed up everyone affected. And these kind of outages go on all over the place, all the time.

Example 2: Mystery Money

In the previous example, I at least knew why I was getting a kickback. In another case, I didn’t even know that.

I recently told Trim to look after my T-Mobile mobile account. I’m a recent convert to one of their unlimited family plans, for what feels like a reasonable fee (especially given my previous Verizon charges). So, low expectations for Trim making a dent in my bill. But worth a shot.

Very shortly after adding my T-Mobile to Trim – by giving Trim my login credentials (privacy alert!) – I got this via email, entirely out of the blue:

Now that’s something.

Again, NO idea why. I did have a brief moment wondering what tale of woe “Roma” from Trim (real person? robot?) told T-Mobile to get this payoff, and whether I was now in T-Mobile’s “whiner and complainer” database. But not for long. $50! That’s all the Frappuccino I can drink, for a little while.

So morale of the story: Trim works, and really, truly, without lifting (your) finger. Give it a go.