Lifehacker: Finding a better way

  • Check out Lifehacker for great tips/tricks on living/working more efficiently
  • Their subsite “Two Cents” is focused on money management and savings
  • It’s almost, but not quite, a Basic for savings fans

I’m surprised I hadn’t taken time to write about Lifehacker until now. It’s second nature to me to do a daily check there. Carve out a few minutes to do the same.

It’s fair to say that Lifehacker isn’t technically or primarily a savings site, although it has certainly saved me plenty.

Lifehacker’s central mission (“Do Everything Better“) is to describe interesting, often obscure ways to make you more productive – to “hack” the standard ways of doing things, and not just online/digitally.

The site is a part of a large collection of leading brands including Deadspin (sports), Gizmodo (electronics/gadgets), and many more. Lifehacker’s also an umbrella brand in itself, including subsites for all kinds of interests.

The savings site in their stable is “Two Cents,” although the main site often promotes posts from there as well. It’s well worth reading on it’s own, for a wide range of savings and money management tips and tricks.

An example of Lifehacker’s range: this post about “hacking” Starbucks is both interesting and entertaining for the obsessively cheap coffee addict. You get the idea.

I’d *almost* put Lifehacker in the Basics roundup, but I’m torn. It includes a lot of non-savings related information there – almost all of it useful and fascinating – but it may be more reading that you’re prepared to do.

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