• After years of Honey use, I’m thinking RetailMeNot might be the next king of coupon-fillers
  • Always a leading source of coupon codes, RetailMeNot’s new-ish extension is worth a look
  • It’s a work in progress though, so I’m not kicking Honey to the curb just yet.

Readers of this blog know that Honey is a key pillar of the Basics – the toolkit that makes savings easy, or easier. I probably drone on a bit too much about Honey, but it’s been by far the most important tool in the kit for me.

Now I’m wondering if a new, similar tool should replace it.

Ardent (obsessive?) readers will note that I’ve briefly tried Piggy, another popular coupon-insertion browser extension, with somewhat disappointing results. So Honey remained the go-to extension.

RetailMeNot’s extension is clean, easy, and jammed with goodies

That was until lately, when I loaded up RetailMeNot‘s extension.

That RetailMeNot would get in the game is beyond obvious. Before I discovered Honey et al, retailmenot.com was the first place I checked for coupons. They had, in my amateur opinion, the widest variety of coupons for the most sites at which you’re likely to shop.

Funny thing, though: this was both a blessing and a curse. It took a lot of patience to dig through RetailMeNot’s coupon lists; find a likely candidate; load it up in the “promo code” field of an ecommerce site’s checkout area; fail; then try again. Some sites retailmenot tracks have dozens of codes, of varying reliability. Eventually, you’d either find a keeper and save some cash (often) – or give up in exhaustion as yet another coupon code was either expired or invalid for some other reason (almost as often).

So an automated coupon-filling mechanism joined with their giant coupon database just makes sense. And so it does.

Recently, I used both Honey and RetailMeNot on a golf purchase I was considering. The outcome: Honey had about 6 coupons to try, none of which helped (“You already have the best price!”), while RetailMeNot had 15, one of which saved 20%. That’s what I’m talking about.

The bad news is that for whatever reason – I’m hoping it’s that they haven’t finished coding the extension fully – RetailMeNot doesn’t fill codes on all common sites yet. They certainly *have* codes for almost everywhere, but haven’t wired up the filler to support many sites. Like, for example, Amazon. Weird, but stay tuned.

In related news, I’ve noticed that Rakuten (nee eBates) has rewired their extension to promote coupons, though not as often or as effectively as either Honey or RetailMeNot. But I could see that changing. If they put a small fraction of the dough they spend advertising lately into expanding this capability, well, watch out.

So, do your own experiments to see which coupon-fillers make you the happiest. Heck, use them all for a while! It produces a lot of blinking screens and some confusion, but your wallet will thank you.

Me, I’m putting RetailMeNot on the watch list for a prime place in the Basics.