• You are probably – almost definitely – paying for more internet speed than you need.
  • You’re likely fine – as I am – with no more than 50MB, and maybe far less.

A while back, I posted a “savings story” about my experience moving from cable TV (and internet) to streaming programming over the (same provider’s) internet. It was focused on my move to the cord cutting universe, with little to say about the pipe (internet) service underneath it, or its cost in the equation.

You can offset streaming price increases with this simple step

Well, good news: there’s savings to be had there, and it’s dead simple to find, if you don’t mind getting on the phone with your provider. I realize that’s like saying you can get a better view during air travel by jumping out of the plane, but still.

So, here’s something you might not know: you’re paying for internet speed you almost definitely do not need, according to the Wall Street Journal, in a recent article certain to annoy the internet provider business.

It’s worth a full read (which requires a WSJ subscription, or a friend who has one). But the short story is that almost without exception – no matter how much your household streams – you’ll be fine with 50MB of bandwidth, and likely with as little as 15.

And I know. Around the time I cut the cord, I downgraded my internet speed from 150MB to 50MB – and literally saw no change. None, other than the monthly cost, by about $15/month. Even though I’d switched all my video traffic to that same feed.

There are minor caveats, mostly around large file downloads and virtual reality gaming, but these are quibbles. It’s quite possible that in a year or two – or more likely 10 – you’ll need more bandwidth, but not today.

So suck it up and call your provider. It’ll be worth the stomach acid and 3 hours you commit to chatting with Comcast, believe me.