• If you’re interested in dipping your personal toe into green energy, check out Arcadia Power. It’s free.
  • The secret savings tidbit that snared me: you can charge your monthly energy bill on your favorite credit card, earning miles/cash/etc. So it’s easy being green!

Hey! I’ve been silent on the blog for months, but I’m back. Trying to fulfill my resolution to get back on the savings horse.

Anyway. Today’s quick tip is to take a look at Arcadia Power. You can save a little dough, and get your green on to boot.

In brief, Arcadia gets between your energy company and you for billing, so instead of paying Xcel (or whatever your local utility is) every month, I pay Arcadia an identical amount. Or perhaps lower; more on that below.

Get yourself a little of this action through Arcadia

And the secret sauce: I pay my was-Xcel-now-Arcadia monthly bill with a credit card, which is always welcome (and an option unavailable from Xcel). No more Xcel bills come to me, and payments earn rewards, which you may recall I like.

Who are these guys? They present themselves as a utility bill management company with a green energy kicker. You can choose to have your existing bill processed through them as is, or you can elect to add some green energy into the mix as well (for a small additional fee, so I’m told).

There’s a vague claim that working with Arcadia might actually lower your bill if the green options they have access to are cheaper then what you’re paying, but I can’t vouch for that.

To be clear, Arcadia is not a utility. You’re still forking over to Xcel, but through them. And also: it’s free to sign up and use.

I’m just a shallow guy trying to earn some rewards, so it works for me. Your mileage, etc.