• Autoslash – my favorite savings service for rental cars – is branching out, into hotels, with HotelSlash.
  • There are other services in this area, but none have been entirely satisfying
  • If Autoslash can pull it off, this is a major travel savings moment.

You might have read my glowing review of Autoslash, the single best travel savings service I’ve come across. It’s so simple, and so routinely helpful, that I literally never rent a car without checking in with Autoslash first.

So it’s very good news when a couple of days ago I received word that Autoslash is beta-testing Hotelslash, which promises to do for lodging what Autoslash does for cars.

You can read my full take on Autoslash here, but in brief, after reserving a car, let Autoslash know the details and they’ll start digging for better deals. The almost always come through, especially if you give them time to look.

There’s been a bit of a lull in new and interesting savings services lately, but this one stands out. While others have tried this idea, they haven’t really delivered, in my experience.

Hotelslash appears to be functionally similar to Autoslash, as described in the introductory email they sent to customers:

STEP 1 — Book a (refundable) hotel reservation anywhere you like (Booking.com, Expedia, Hilton.com, etc.).

STEP 2 — Forward the confirmation email from the site you originally booked at to save@hotelslash.com.

STEP 3 — Once we’ve processed your reservation for tracking, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then just wait for us to find you a better deal!

A flaw in Autoslash is addressed here: no more manually entering your reservation details. Forwarding an email, a la Tripit, is all it takes – a major, obvious time saver. Now, let’s hope they could go back and retrofit Autoslash with this function.

On the minus side, it appears all bookings are processed through Hotelslash with immediate upfront payment, in case that matters. It might lead to some refundability concerns, but details aren’t entirely clear. I can say that Autoslash car rentals have been promptly refunded in my experience.

Anyway, keep this site top of mind for your next hotel rental. At the Hotelslash site, you can enter your email to find out when it’ll be “live,” if you aren’t already an Autoslash customer.