Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

Car rental insurance coverage is generally a poor buyUnless: you're out of the US, don't have regular car insurance, or a few other casesA service from Amex is interesting: affordable and comprehensive When renting cars, it's a given for savers to turn down insurance offered by the rental company. Too expensive, too limited, a hassle, … Continue reading Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

Selling Stuff: the Sweet Alter Ego of Saving

Use Facebook Marketplace for selling common household itemsConsider Nextdoor and craigslist as backupkeep eBay for hard-to-sell, unusual items, for a (painful) fee Strictly speaking, selling your (used/old/no longer needed) goods isn't a savings activity. Or is it? I have to admit that, as good as savings feels, it might be just a bit more satisfying … Continue reading Selling Stuff: the Sweet Alter Ego of Saving

Lifehacker: Finding a better way

Check out Lifehacker for great tips/tricks on living/working more efficientlyTheir subsite "Two Cents" is focused on money management and savingsIt's almost, but not quite, a Basic for savings fans I'm surprised I hadn't taken time to write about Lifehacker until now. It's second nature to me to do a daily check there. Carve out a … Continue reading Lifehacker: Finding a better way

Starbucks Rewards: A Journey to the Stars

For fans of the chain, Starbucks Rewards is worth joiningThe program redemption "equation" has changed, for the better (mostly)Use Drop to refill your Starbucks card/app, if possible I read somewhere that Starbucks has the most-used digital currency in the world. They claim over 16M app users, so it's not hard to believe. You should be … Continue reading Starbucks Rewards: A Journey to the Stars

Savings Do’s and Don’ts

I thought about calling this "The Savings Manifesto," or "The Tao of Savings," or some such nonsense. But it's just some stuff that, after a little thought, strike me as central tenets for how to save, efficiently, without undue effort. 1. Move quickly This is probably rule #1. In general, there are two "issues" with … Continue reading Savings Do’s and Don’ts

AmEx Blue Cash Preferred: streaming and other cash back extras

AmEx Blue Cash Preferred is a great card to carry for specific spendingAlways good for groceries, streaming services now earn enhanced cash backAlso helps with transit: ride sharing, subways, parking, etc The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card has been in my wallet for a while, due entirely to their 6% cash back on groceries. … Continue reading AmEx Blue Cash Preferred: streaming and other cash back extras

The Case for Southwest

Southwest Rapid Rewards is arguably the most customer-friendly airline loyalty programThe Southwest Companion Pass is potentially the most lucrative benefit you can earn, but requires high minimum spendingOne of Chase's Southwest credit cards can accelerate earning the Companion Pass I'm a Southwest guy, I'll admit it. They actually seem to care that their airline isn't … Continue reading The Case for Southwest