A Study in Cord Cutting

A quick news search will turn up unlimited babble on the topic of cord-cutting. Heck, there's a popular site and daily newsletter devoted to the topic, which I recommend. And you can save some money. Probably. YMMV. Funny, since mileage didn't vary much just a little while ago. Cable costs a lot, but depending on … Continue reading A Study in Cord Cutting

Groceries: Food For Thought

There's no limit to grocery coupon sites. Is the effort worth it?Get a credit card for groceries, notably the AmEx Blue Cash PreferredDon't forget revolving category cards. I'm not the ideal source for grocery savings for a few reasons: My lovely spouse does most of the grocery shopping, andIt's not primarily an online shopping category, … Continue reading Groceries: Food For Thought

Rotating Category Cards: Sorry, Sam

Revolving category cards (5% cash back in rotating categories) are worth your timeDiscover is particularly lucrative, if you use gift card redemptionChase's Freedom card feeds into their Ultimate Rewards program, another great option. Samuel L Jackson has a problem with rotating category credit cards. Too much trouble. Confusing, says Sam. Who needs it? You do. … Continue reading Rotating Category Cards: Sorry, Sam

Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

Costco needs no introduction, but their travel arm might. If you haven't given it a look (and even non-members can dive in for a glimpse), try it out. It's a great resource for finding travel deals unavailable elsewhere, and might be worth the annual price of a membership ($60 and up) by itself. Vacation packages … Continue reading Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

Trim in Action: Savings from Thin Air

Trim is a wide-ranging service with big ambitions to help consumers get control of their finances. But Trim started with a simple mission: to track and save money on monthly recurring bills like cable, internet, mobile, and home security. They promise to negotiate better deals and to identify unused services that need cancellation. You pay … Continue reading Trim in Action: Savings from Thin Air

The Points Guy: Everything Rewards

Any discussion of travel deals, rewards, and related strategies leads to The Points Guy. TPG can helps everyone, from the beginner to the veteran traveler, understand the mechanics of airline rewards programs and how to maximize their value. But it goes far beyond that, with guidance on hotel and other travel-related purchases, and has a … Continue reading The Points Guy: Everything Rewards