The Obsessive Saver

There's Always a Better Deal


Travel is where the game of savings gets serious.

In every category, from flights, to hotels, to rental cars, to vacation deals, prices fluctuate in real time; vendors vary their offerings to “meet every traveler’s needs” (ie, create confusion to make comparison shopping harder); and consumers struggle to keep their options straight.

And the stakes are high, since travel is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make.

So keep it simple. We identify key services in major travel categories you should consider.

  • Flights: check out recommendations for a few resources, notably Google Flights.
  • Hotels: aside from popular hotel booking engines like and trivago, there’s a new tool called Pruvo that looks for price changes on your existing reservations.
  • Rental cars: those same booking engines usually cover rental cars, but Costco Travel is a great starting point. But no matter where you start, there’s a tool you need to know: Autoslash. Never rent without it.
  • Vacation packages: Costco Travel is a great resource for a limited set of destinations, and Expedia often has interesting deals.

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