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There's Always a Better Deal


Airline tickets are a special case for price comparison and tracking.

The problem: most airlines require you to buy your ticket with no chance of changing your mind and booking cheaper tickets later – at least beyond 48 hours (thanks, FAA). The airline that does allow free changes and cancellation in economy (with some caveats) – Southwest – is without a doubt the most aggressive in discouraging price tracking altogether.

Arm yourself with some services to make this a fair fight.

  • First off, a shout out to the best service for frequent, or occasional, flyers: The Points Guy. If you care about travel rewards, pricing, and trends in aviation, this is your site.
  • Next, get to know Google Flights. It’s great for trip planning and should be your main starting point for price comparison. It’s way more than a flight search engine.
  • I call out Southwest separately since it’s so different from other airlines. They actively shut out aggregators and price monitors (like Google Flights), so if you’re a fan (and I am), you need to make a separate effort to get the most from your Southwest purchases.

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