Golf tee times: a tale of two coupon fillers

If you play golf, tee time pricing is changing: no longer fixed, there are deals to be had, if you know where to lookCheck out and, two services that offer deals for courses in your areaUse Honey, Piggy, or another coupon filler of choice to sweeten the deal I'm a golfer, and finding … Continue reading Golf tee times: a tale of two coupon fillers

Groceries: Food For Thought

There's no limit to grocery coupon sites. Is the effort worth it?Get a credit card for groceries, notably the AmEx Blue Cash PreferredDon't forget revolving category cards. I'm not the ideal source for grocery savings for a few reasons: My lovely spouse does most of the grocery shopping, andIt's not primarily an online shopping category, … Continue reading Groceries: Food For Thought

Is Honey worth the risk?

There's the general issue of privacy in the savings game - or really, in the Internet game - and then there's the details. This article, which I urge you to read, details the possible risks that Honey represents, as well as a few other commerce apps and extensions. From the article: Coupon and cashback sites … Continue reading Is Honey worth the risk?

Groupon: layers of deals

I've been a Groupon customer for years, through ups and downs. Groupon started with a big idea: an alternative for local businesses who otherwise might push coupons in the (nearly dead) local newspaper, in desperate hope customers appear. But it turns out that it’s hard to find enough small businesses willing to cut their prices … Continue reading Groupon: layers of deals

Honey: the Sweet Nectar of Savings

I love Honey. No doubt Honey was created by someone like me tired of searching for a coupon for every purchase made on the web. Why can't software do the searching and filling in for me? By golly, it can. Honey's browser extension watches your activity and suggests and fills in active coupons. It's genius. … Continue reading Honey: the Sweet Nectar of Savings

eBates (Rakuten)

I love me some eBates. They sit at the top of the "earning money without effort" mountain, and have for years. Enough so that commerce giant Rakuten bought them lately. So technically, eBates is no more. Same service, though. The concept is that by shopping through the Rakuten portal - or better yet, shopping with … Continue reading eBates (Rakuten)