Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

Costco needs no introduction, but their travel arm might. If you haven't given it a look (and even non-members can dive in for a glimpse), try it out. It's a great resource for finding travel deals unavailable elsewhere, and might be worth the annual price of a membership ($60 and up) by itself. Vacation packages … Continue reading Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

The Points Guy: Everything Rewards

Any discussion of travel deals, rewards, and related strategies leads to The Points Guy. TPG can helps everyone, from the beginner to the veteran traveler, understand the mechanics of airline rewards programs and how to maximize their value. But it goes far beyond that, with guidance on hotel and other travel-related purchases, and has a … Continue reading The Points Guy: Everything Rewards

Pruvo: hotel pricing, we’re watching you.

Pruvo is a new service for hotel price monitoring. I’ve tried others, but either have been disappointed, or they’ve gone out of business (well, OK, both). This could be a clue to the difficulty of the problem they’re trying to solve. Pruvo works much like Autoslash for rental cars: you either manually provide your hotel … Continue reading Pruvo: hotel pricing, we’re watching you.

Groupon: layers of deals

I've been a Groupon customer for years, through ups and downs. Groupon started with a big idea: an alternative for local businesses who otherwise might push coupons in the (nearly dead) local newspaper, in desperate hope customers appear. But it turns out that it’s hard to find enough small businesses willing to cut their prices … Continue reading Groupon: layers of deals