Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

Car rental insurance coverage is generally a poor buyUnless: you're out of the US, don't have regular car insurance, or a few other casesA service from Amex is interesting: affordable and comprehensive When renting cars, it's a given for savers to turn down insurance offered by the rental company. Too expensive, too limited, a hassle, … Continue reading Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

Costco needs no introduction, but their travel arm might. If you haven't given it a look (and even non-members can dive in for a glimpse), try it out. It's a great resource for finding travel deals unavailable elsewhere, and might be worth the annual price of a membership ($60 and up) by itself. Vacation packages … Continue reading Costco Travel: A Warehouse of Savings

Autoslash: keeping Car Rental Pricing honest

In the category of price monitoring, there's no service I like better than Autoslash. Autoslash is all about rental cars. You can book a rental car directly, or more importantly, tell it to track a rental you've already arranged. If Autoslash finds a better rate at major sites like Priceline (which is typically a price … Continue reading Autoslash: keeping Car Rental Pricing honest