Selling Stuff: the Sweet Alter Ego of Saving

Use Facebook Marketplace for selling common household itemsConsider Nextdoor and craigslist as backupkeep eBay for hard-to-sell, unusual items, for a (painful) fee Strictly speaking, selling your (used/old/no longer needed) goods isn't a savings activity. Or is it? I have to admit that, as good as savings feels, it might be just a bit more satisfying … Continue reading Selling Stuff: the Sweet Alter Ego of Saving

The Case for Southwest

Southwest Rapid Rewards is arguably the most customer-friendly airline loyalty programThe Southwest Companion Pass is potentially the most lucrative benefit you can earn, but requires high minimum spendingOne of Chase's Southwest credit cards can accelerate earning the Companion Pass I'm a Southwest guy, I'll admit it. They actually seem to care that their airline isn't … Continue reading The Case for Southwest