Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

Car rental insurance coverage is generally a poor buyUnless: you're out of the US, don't have regular car insurance, or a few other casesA service from Amex is interesting: affordable and comprehensive When renting cars, it's a given for savers to turn down insurance offered by the rental company. Too expensive, too limited, a hassle, … Continue reading Rental car insurance: No-brainer “no”?

AmEx Blue Cash Preferred: streaming and other cash back extras

AmEx Blue Cash Preferred is a great card to carry for specific spendingAlways good for groceries, streaming services now earn enhanced cash backAlso helps with transit: ride sharing, subways, parking, etc The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card has been in my wallet for a while, due entirely to their 6% cash back on groceries. … Continue reading AmEx Blue Cash Preferred: streaming and other cash back extras

Groceries: Food For Thought

There's no limit to grocery coupon sites. Is the effort worth it?Get a credit card for groceries, notably the AmEx Blue Cash PreferredDon't forget revolving category cards. I'm not the ideal source for grocery savings for a few reasons: My lovely spouse does most of the grocery shopping, andIt's not primarily an online shopping category, … Continue reading Groceries: Food For Thought