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The price of savings

If only saving was free.

To be clear, every savings method described in this site is “purchased” with your personal details. In return for saving a few bucks here, you expose yourself to more marketing and personal data risks. Only you can decide if all this is worth it.

For example, I love Honey, as you’ll come to know if you read through this site. Their privacy policy (available here, for the self-loathing) is mammoth, and of course I never read it until I wrote this page.

It’s not all bad, like most such policies. But they are explicit about gathering not just your basic information – name, email, etc – but also learn quite a bit about your purchasing patterns. And like all internet businesses, there’s the risk they are hacked and all your juicy info seeps into the hands of less honorable folks.

You’ve been warned, although I think you knew this already. I think of this problem as the table stakes in the savings game I enjoy playing. But it’s up to you how to value privacy vs saving some dough.

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