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Browser Extensions: Saver’s Little Helpers

Note: see the section on using a desktop for max savings before reading on.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume you’re on Chrome, but if not, Firefox is similar. And Safari, if you’re Apple-inclined.

Browser extensions, well, “extend” the functionality of your browser in cool, and often magical, ways. Savings is a major one. Installing them is simple: go to the Chrome Web Store, find the extension desired, and follow directions. Once installed, buttons to access extensions appear in the address bar area on the upper right of your browser window. Here’s a more detailed how-to on adding extensions, if you’re new to it.

Crucially, these services lurk in your browser window, “watching” where you shop. When you land on a site they support, they’ll pop up to let you know savings are available. Genius.

Of the many savings extensions out there, the must-haves are:

  • Honey: automated coupon savings
  • eBates: cash back from selected stores

With these two, you’re well on the way. I’ve dabbled in a few others including Invisible Hand, but always default to these.

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