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Price/Purchase Trackers: Eyes on the Prize

The category generally shakes out in two forms: services that monitor your purchases and find savings after the purchase, and services that alert you when preset price targets are hit on products you plan to buy.

In the first category, post-purchase monitors: a major caveat. To make them effective, they need access either to your online accounts directly or, more typically, your email inbox, so that purchase/reservation confirmations are automatically captured for monitoring. Privacy alert!

In this segment, get to know:

The second category, pre-purchase price targeters, doesn’t impose the same privacy concerns, but are for a different purpose. These services ask you to manually set a price “goal” for something you want and signals when it’s reached. Patience is required.

These include:

  • Camelcamelcamel, exclusively for Amazon.
  • Keepa, also for Amazon, but including international purchases.

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